Translations from Bangla

As an amateur, I have tried to translate some of the scattered works from Bangla.
The following is a list of those.

Abul Mansur Ahmad [Book: Bangladesher Kulture]
 Language Movement was more than for just language
 The first thing needed is a literary revolution
 The Divergence of Philosophy of Art
 The subject matter of literature
 The Yeats/Irish Lesson
Syed Mujtaba Ali
 Morhum Maulana: Abul Kalam Azad
Kazi Nazrul Islam

Most of the translations I have done are from the works of Nazrul. Since I have already dedicated a website to the life and works of Nazrul, I recommend the readers to visit that site for my translations. See Kazi Nazrul Islam Page. To go directly to the page containing my translations of selected works of Nazrul, see these links: poetry, articles/letters; excerpts from novels. There are other translated material scattered throughout the website.

Rabindranath Tagore
 Short story: Mussalmanir Golpo