The following is a partial list of my Quasi-academic writings.

(Some of the entries might need reformatting.)


1  Article:    Art, Free Speech and the Market of Pornography
2  Paper:   Unpublished Change and Continuity: The Dynamics of Institutional Behavior in Islam
3  Paper: Unpublished Development Demystified: An Islamic Perspective
4  Paper: Unpublished Development Experience of Bangladesh in Gunnar Myrdal's Asian Drama Perspective
5   Paper:   Einstein, Zionism and Israel: Setting the Record Straight
6  Article:   Electoral Reform and the Political Culture
8  Article: Unpublished Fundamental Human Dignity and the Mathematics of Slavery  
10  Article:   Hail The Greenback: In God We Trust?
11  Article:   Hard Economic Choices: Are They Getting Harder?
12  Article:    Humanity and the People Power: A Tribute to Dr. Ali Shariati
13  Article:   International Development: Is There Any Role Model?
14  Article:    Islam and Democracy- Perceptions and Misperceptions
15  Paper:   Public vs. Private Sector: Policy Dynamics in an Islamic Perspective
16  Paper:  Unpublished Rape and Hudood Ordinance- Perversions of Justice in the Name of Islam
17  Article: Unpublished Should you be a Fundamentalist?
18  Paper: Unpublished The Spirit of Global Belonging: Perspectives from Some Humanity-Oriented Icons
19  Article: Unpublished The State of Bangladesh Economy: Issues and Concerns
20  Paper:   The Warped Economics of Fatwa: Demand Creates Its OWN Supply
21  Paper: Unpublished Toward Defining and Understanding Riba- An Outline Essay
22  Book Review   Toward Understanding S-21: Inhumanity at Its Worst
23  Article:   World Bank: Whose Bank and for Which World?