The following is a partial list of my poems and translations. To view all the Bangla texts (not graphic images), you will need Onirban Bangla Font.

In Bangla:

  1. কবিতাঃ স্বপ্ন-সাধ
  2. কবিতাঃ নজরুল - মিছেই করলে রচনা
  3. কবিতাঃ ওগো হিমালয়!
  4. কবিতাঃ গোলাকার ধাঁধা
  5. কবিতাঃ বইছে জীবন হাওয়া
  6. কবিতাঃ পত্র মিতালী
  7. কবিতাঃ খুকুর সংসার
  8. কবিতাঃ আমার প্রেমিকাকেঃ  নিবেদন ১; ;
  9. কবিতাঃ তুষার শুভ্র
  10. কবিতাঃ আস্তিক-নাস্তিক সংলাপ
  11. কবিতাঃ সহজ একটা কিছু আজ
  12. কবিতাঃ ক্ষনিক আবাস

In English:

  1. Poem: Look Forward
  2. Poem: Enter Ye the Garden! [This poem is on the opening page of this website]
  3. Poem: Give me some sparkle
  4. Poem: A Simple Thing Today
  5. Poem: Dedication to my daughters: Nawaar; Nawaal
  6. Poem: My Prayer
  7. Poem: From/Heaven To/Salman Rushdie
  8. Poem: Tribute to a Noble Trailblazer (Dr. Muhammad Yunus)
  9. Poem: Let's have a resolution!
  10. Poem: Who Says That Good is Good!
  11. Poem: Our Sojourn

Bangla Rendering from English

  1. ভালোবাসা তো দুর্জয় শক্তি! [Original: Love - The Strongest Force]
  2. বিস্কুট চোর [Original: Cookie Thief]
  3. একবার কখনো জীবনে [Original: Once in a Lifetime]
  4. ক্ষমা কর নগণ্য আমাকে [Original: No Greater Talent]
  5. কি বিস্ময়কর এ ধরণী [Original: What a Wonderful World!]
  6. কত অল্প সময়! [Original: So Little Time!]
  7. নব বর্ষের প্রভাত [Original: New Year's Morning]
  8. সহ পথিক [Original: Fellow Travelers]
  9. শুধু একটি গোলাপ [Original: Only A Rose ]
  10. সূর্যালোকের ঝলক [Original: The Sunshine Breaks Through
  11. বালিতে পদচিহ্ন [Original: Footprint in  the sand]


English Rendering from Bangla

[I have attempted amateurishly to translate some of the poems of Kazi Nazrul Islam with full understanding that I am neither a poet nor do I have adequate background in English. All the rhyming words at the end are based on pronunciation in American English, to the best I have come to know. Rhymes in English rendering would be better appreciated, when it is read as is done in a recitation. Please treat these translations as drafts, which I intend to improve/modify over time. Any correction or suggestion to improve this or any of my other translation of Nazrul's poem or of others' is most definitely welcome.

Now I have a website dedicated to Kazi Nazrul Islam at that also contains a Nazrul audio collection. This comprehensive site in the process of development has also more of my translation of Nazrul's work - poems and prose.]

A. Poems of Kazi Nazrul Islam

  1. A Tribute of the Poet [Original: Kobir Proshosti]
  2. Azan: The Call [Original: Azan]
  3. Be Ever Stronger! [Original: Nitto Probol Hou!]
  4. Don't be afraid, O human soul! [Original: Bhoy Koriyo Na, He Manobatma!]
  5. Don't Judge Me, O Allah! [Original: Roj hashore Allah amar] 
  6. Eid of the Destitutes [Original: Shorbohara]
  7. Eid, at the end of fasting of Ramadan [Original: O Mon Ramjaner oi Rojar Sheshe]
  8. Fanaticism is not Religion [Original: Gorami Dhormo Noy]
  9. Farmer's Eid [Original: Krishoker Eid]
  10. Forgive us, O Prophet! [Original: Khoma Koro Hazrat]
  11. Hamd: Allahu, Allahu [Original in Bangla: Fule puchhinu bol, bolre ful]
  12. In Salutation of One God [Original: Ek Allah Jindabad]
  13. Let's Meet Hereafter [Original: Untitled Nazrul Geeti]
  14. My Excuse! [Original: Amar Koifiyot]
  15. Save me from all pettiness [Original: Amar shokol khudrota hote]
  16. Struggle [Original: Shadhona by Kazi Nazrul Islam]
  17. The Destitutes [Original: Shorbo-hara by Kazi Nazrul Islam]
  18. The Destitute [Original: Shorbohara (from the poetic biography of the Prophet Muhammad)]
  19. The Egalitarian [Original: Shammobadi by Kazi Nazrul Islam]
  20. Woman [Original: Nari by Kazi Nazrul Islam]
  21. Young Lover [Original: Untitled Nazrul Geeti by Kazi Nazrul Islam]