Articles/works on various subjects:

1 Art, Free Speech and the Market of Pornography
2 Bouquet: From the Kazi's Courts
3 Bridge-building (Shetu-bondhon): The case of Rabindranath and Nazrul
4 Einstein, Zionism and Israel: Setting the Record Straight
5 From Kamala Das to Dashi:  Doing the right thing for wrong  reasons?
6 Islamophobia
7 Maulana Abul Kalam Azad (translation from the original by Syed Mujtaba Ali)
8 Partition of India and the Creation of Pakistan: Maulana Azad's account in India Wins Freedom (a 8+ part series; not concluded yet)
9 Rabindranath Tagore: A Brief Biographical Sketch
10 Reflections on a few aspects of Kazi Nazrul Islam 
                      I: "I belong to the world"
                     II: Egalitarian, not Marxist (The MISSILE story)
                    III: "KAFIR is this Kazi!"
                    IV: The primary source of the Rebel's inspiration
                     V: Conclusion and an invitation
11 Reflections on Shetubondhon:

            I. Some notable unsubscriptions
           II. Carpet Bombing Approach
          III.  The Nagging Tale of "four wives"
          IV. No one said it's going to be easy

12 Reflections on Tagore's Gora: Layers of ignorance and voices against prejudice


A. Secular Fundamentalism
B. Setting the record straight
C. The "privilege" argument:
D. Some Exchange of Thoughts

14 SHAME: The first and real one, but we did not listen! 

Some Fundamentals

A. Trivialization rarely helps!
B. Doing one's homework is more than desirable!
C. New Productivity Theory? Not so fast!
D. Balance is of paramount importance!
E. Historical twist is not ice cream twist

16   Sonar Bangla: Some Reflections
      I.   The dream and the Betrayal in a historical perspective
     II:   For the just cause of a people, not for or against any specific ideology         
    III:   Betrayal that was worse than just "bloody"
    IV:   The curse of PARTISANSHIP
     V:   Opportunities lost - more than once!
    VI:   Conclusion: UP from partisanship!
17 Tagore's Short Story: "The story of Musalmani" (Musalmanir Galpo)
18 To Break the Ice: Virtual Tea
19 Toward a Marxists-Muslims Dialog: I-V
                    I.     Introduction
                    II.    Mutual disrespect and mistrust
                    III.   Marxists are atheists! That's it?
                    IV.   From our past experience
                    V.    Conclusion  
20 Toward Understanding Nazrul: The Rebel and More
21 Beyond the "War on Terrorism"
22 Zionism, Israel, Racism/Apartheid
23 Zionist Ideology and the Reality of Israel: The Thoughts of Nahum Goldmann

Some additional works