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Texts of various Khutba and speeches I had the opportunity to give will be added, insha'Allah. The verses in the parenthesis indicates the THEME verse(s) used in the Khutbah.

Khutbah (a partial list):

Two Khutbah's for which texts have already been added:

  1. The Last Word
  2. Hajj and the Neglected Legacy of a Great Woman
  3. Islam and Freedom
  4. Contemporary Gender Issues (a multi-part Khutbah series)

The rest for which no text available yet, but the theme Qur'anic verse(s) are identified.

1. On Fasting in Ramadan  [2/al-Baqara:183, 185; 5/al-Maida/3]

2. Hajj: Beyond the rituals

  • [Hajj:97; 16/Nahl/120; /al-Furqan/74; 2/al-Baqara/204; al-Munafiqun/4; Hadith about the Prophet's practice on the Eid al-Adha]

  • 3. The Taste of Iman

  • [al-Bayyinah/7-8; Hadith about taste of faith from Muslim]

  • 4. Lessons from History  [Surah al-Fajr]

    5. Seek liberty, the most fundamental blessing of God

  • [al-Balad/1-4; al-Anfal/24-25, 27]

  • 6. In search of our identity

  • [2/al-Baqara/30; 20: 14; al-Balad/1-4; 38/Sad/27; 81/Takwir/26]

  • 7. Taqwa and our independence as a community

  • [3/ale-Imran/28; 9/at-Tauba/109; Hadith from Tirmizi about sticking to the Sunnah, including that of Khulafa-i-Raashidoon.]

  • 8. For those who seek change in this world  [13/ar-Raa'd/11]

    9. The most important bargain [9/Taubah/27, 111]

    10. Prophetic wisdom: Five things before five things

    11. Goal-orientation [2/al-Baqara/148]

    12. Subservience to the Kufr [5/al-Maida/54, 85]

    13. Aakhira-bound life and our inconsistent behavior

  • [Najm/19-22; 4/an-Nisaa'/53]

  • 14. The Mission of Musa (a)  [al-A'raf/104]

    15. On Aids and its implications [Bani Israil/41]

    16. On Nifaq [4/an-Nisaa/145]

    17. On gratitude [Hud/9-11]

    18. Dynamics of Islam [ad-Dahr/23]

    19. The Lessons from the History of Bani Israil [2/al-Baqara/47]

    20. Human nature [2/al-Baqara/38]

    21. The Prophet as the Model [al-Ahzab/21]

    22. On communication [an-Nahl/125]

    23. On Ikhlas [al-Bayyinah/5]

    24. Relationship among the Believers

    25. On Married Life [51/az-Zariyat/56]

    26. Loyalty to principle or personality? [ar-Rahman; A'raf/29]

    27. Hayyiah alal Falah (Come to success, prosperity, salvation) [2/al-Baqara/2-5]

    28. The bleeding humanity [4/an-Nisaa/75]

    29. On our Rabb [al-An'am/147]

    30. On the Qur'an and us  [al-Hashr/21]

    31. On Aakhirah-bound life [Bani-Israil: 15]

    32. Some characteristics of the believers [8/al-Anfal/63]


    Speeches (a partial list):

    1. Unity of the Muslim Ummah
    2. What does the Muslim Ummah stand for?
    3. [3/110; 2/143; Saff/9; Hadid/25; 4/Nisaa/75; Shura/13; 2/al-Baqara/193]

    4. Western Islamophobia
    5. Blind Traditionalism 
    6. [2/al-Baqara/170]

    7. On leadership
    8. People, Leadership and State in Islam
    9. Institutional Development in an Islamic State [Shura/13]
    10. Capitalism, Socialism, and Islam: A comparative perspective
    11. Islam and the role of Muslim sisters
    12. Leadership and allegiance
    13. Reshaping the Muslim World: A Movement Perspective in North America
    14. The Role of Islamic Movement in Awakening the Muslim Ummah
    15. Jihad in Islam
    16. Islam vs. Jahiliyyat
    17. Some aspects of Muslim Personality
    18. The Revolution of the Prophet Muhammad (s)
    19. Diseases of the Soul and their remedies
    20. Monotheism (Tauheed) and Islam
    21. Human Rights in Islam: Some Issues
    22. Islam vs. Communism: the Climaxing Conflict
    23. Ramadan, Taqwa, and Our Life
    24. Hajj and Islamic Movement
    25. "Deen" in light of the Qur'an
    26. Islam and our life: A shrunk skeleton turned upside down [shrunk, meaning limiting its scope of its application in our life; skeleton, meaning the Islam we now see is primarily ritual-oriented, legalistic form, delinked from its true spirit and foundation; upside-down, meaning much of what we observe is just the opposite of what Islam teaches, including the domain of political system, women's status and role, etc.]

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